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GIS features:
  • Map tips on features
  • Point in polygon searches
    • Master Street Address Guide(MSAG) lookup
    • Spatial MSAG lookup
  • Linked documents
  • Road name alias
  • Event tracking
  • Distance measuring
  • Nearest water source
  • Search by:
    • Radius
    • Buffer
    • Shape
  • Routing extension
  • ALI/GIS discrepancy tracking

EAGLE Mapped ALI™, the latest advance in GIS for the E9-1-1 dispatch center, offers a true GIS map locator for the E9-1-1 dispatch center.

Interfaces with telephone ALI equipment.
  • Wireline Calls
  • Wireless Phase I Calls
  • Wireless Phase II Calls
  • Search for a route
  • Search for a point (Latitude/Longitude)
The user can perform manual searches:
  • Street address from address point
  • Street address geocoded road centerlines
  • Road intersections
  • Commonly known landmark names
  • Latitude/Longitude
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