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OfficeGIS™ is a full service map maintenance software add-in for the ESRI® ArcGIS 10 software. This add-in is designed to make the day-to-day maintenance of map data simple and user-friendly. Wizards, simple to use dialogs, and integrity checking tools help make your data more precise for use with E9-1-1 mapping software.

Required software: Addressing
Tools to maintain addresses, buildings, and roads on the map.
Tools to create and maintain map annotation.
Data Management
Tools to time stamp features, standardize addresses and create an index.
Data Output
Tools to export map data, create road rosters, and create map books in an unlimited number of styles.
Tools to spatially create and maintain the MSAG and export the MSAG tables for outside organizations such as the telephone company. The spatial MSAG is automatically symbolized to make finding errors quicker and easier
Tools to check integrity of the map data.
Tools to search for road, address and other features.
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