Software Products

MSAG produces GIS software incorporating the latest advances in GIS Software to meet the needs of local governments and utilities.

Solutions for  
  • gathering
  • maintaining
  • using
  • and sharing
  GIS data.

MSAG provides support for all software products.
  • remote desktop
  • telephone
  • email
  • on site (additional charge)

MSAG offers training for all software products.
  • at our offices
  • on site

Click on the product box below for further information about that product.
OnlineGIS logo
  • Simple to use web based GIS
  • GIS available across entire organization
  • Custom searches
  • Create pdf maps
OfficeGIS logo
  • Suite of tools for ArcGIS 10.
  • Simplifies day-to-day GIS data maintenance
  • Quickly create and update map books
  • Easily create road rosters
OfficeGIS logo
  • E9-1-1 dispatch center GIS
  • Quickly map locations from ALI data
  • Displays information based on location
  • Search tools
TabletGIS logo
  • Field data collection with GPS
  • Standard shapefile format
  • Extensive array of markup tools
  • Works with Windows tablets
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